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Empowering Logistics: A critical enabler to all other businesses

Empowering Logistics: A critical enabler to all other businesses

For LiftOne’s new Supply Chain Director Kathy Mauch, strong family values and continuous improvement make working in the logistics industry highly stimulating.

“I thoroughly enjoy the complexity of the logistics industry. It’s a new challenge every day. Logistics is such a critical enabler to every other kind of business that exists,” Mauch explains.

Mauch joined LiftOne in October 2020. Founded in 1926, the business has grown into one of the largest material handling dealerships in the Southeast, operating out of 18 locations.

The industrial equipment and custom warehouse solution supplier offers new and used
equipment from industry-leading manufacturers like Kalmar Ottawa.

“We have a highly diverse customer base: everything from top Fortune 50 companies to
large retailers and small shops with just a few pieces of equipment,” Mauch says.

Continuous improvement is second nature
At LiftOne, Mauch is responsible for managing all transportation when equipment is moved and ensuring that the company is optimizing costs and service.

“In short, I make sure that we get everything where it needs to be on time and safely. I am also responsible for the supply chain of our service parts: I partner with our sales team to guarantee we are genuinely integrating our supply chain processes to equipment sales,” she describes.

Identifying ways of making things bigger or better is another key aspect of Mauch’s job.

“I look for ways for us to transform and grow our business — and leverage data to get to the root causes of issues and optimize. Many things work extremely well, but there are always opportunities to drive things forward,” she points out.

“Continuous improvement may sound like a buzzword to some, but for us it’s second
nature: we work hard to be a trailblazing company, try out different things and push the
boundaries of what is traditionally done,” she continues.

Family-owned values create a great corporate culture
Mauch has worked in several industries in the span of her career. She has a passion for
weaving together supply chain operations excellence to ensure LiftOne meets and exceeds its customers’ diverse needs.

“I thoroughly enjoy being in a role where I can improve operations and drive the strategy
around our parts sales,” she emphasizes.

“The most motivating aspect of my work is helping people excel at their jobs — making sure they have the right tools and systems to address problems and pinpoint solutions,” she remarks.

The company’s strong culture was one of the things Mauch was most excited about in her new job.

“I’m very proud of our strong culture and track record in performance. We’ve been in
business for over 90 years. Although the company has grown into one of the largest material handling dealerships in the region, it has never lost sight of its family-owned values,” she adds.

“Above everything, we value our employees’ wellbeing and empower our people to make the right decisions,” Mauch asserts.

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