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Ottawa 6x4 DOT/EPA Yard Truck

Ottawa 6x4 DOT/EPA Terminal Tractor

Designed to bring order, control and efficiency to your trailer handling, the Ottawa 6x4 DOT/EPA yard truck combines superb power, functionality and performance with excellent ergonomics and easily accessible maintenance points. Our yard truck features faster fifth-wheel lifting and lowering - to speed up your trailer handling, critical in today’s fast-paced work environments. 

Our Ottawa 6x4 DOT/EPA Terminal Tractor is suitable for warehousing and distribution centers, light industrial, container and intermodal handling - with the certification to access public roads when your operation needs it.

Technical information

Technical info Kalmar Ottawa T2
Power (hp -rpm)
165 -2200
Torque (lbf –rpm)
540 -1500
Front axle
Rear axle

Delivering on what matters.

We’ve gone back to the drawing board and consulted with the real yard truck experts, our customers, to create a machine that delivers where it really matters – on your bottom line.

From the ground up, every aspect of the Kalmar Ottawa T2 Terminal Tractor is designed to make the high-pressure task of spotting trailers in your terminal smoother, safer and more efficient. Its modular chassis is built to cope with the heavy demands of your operational needs; yet is lightweight enough to reduce fuel consumption and increase manuverability.

Fifth-wheel lifting is faster and more powerful than ever thanks to quick-lift cylinders, spherical top and bottom bearings and improved lift support. And when it comes to the cabin, we really took things beyond the ordinary, with easier and safer entry and exit points, superb visibility and protection, and unparalleled comfort and user-friendliness.

The Kalmar Ottawa T2 Terminal Tractor in the 6x4 configuration is DOT/EPA certified as road-ready. It's perfect for distribution operations in dispersed warehouses, distribution centers and terminals where short distance highway travel is required.

Redesigned for you

Safe, easy access and operation

  • Tall, wide-opening door for easy entry and exit
  • Step and grab-handle systems for safer mounting and dismounting
  • Large windscreen and side-mounted mirror post for superb visibility
  • High-strength steel cab with roll-over protection system included as standard

Quicker, easier monitoring and maintenance

  • Front-panel cab systems access for easier service and repair
  • Electric cab tilt for faster access to maintenance points
  • Ground-level access for routine checks and tasks, including oil and transmission fluid monitoring

Unrivalled ergonomics and user-friendliness

  • Large steering wheel for better control
  • Simple gauge cluster and user-friendly rocker switches for easy monitoring and operation
  • Spacious dashboard with room for yard-management system devices
  • Suspended control pedals for smoother, more responsive control